Directors Messages

Ten years ago, as a mother, whose kids were in their teens, around which time, you are best giving them their freedom and don’t want to be imposing yourself too much on them, I thought of dedicating my time and energies to doing something for my village, Katewadi.
From a very rural village, it was transformed to an Eco-Village through thrust on Sanitation and health, promotion of community lifestock management, solid waste management, sewage treatment by Green Bridge technology, energy conservation through biogas power generation and solar street lighting systems. We won several accoladesthat include SANT GADGEBABA SWACHATHA ABHIYAN AWARD, CYBER GRAM, NIRMAL GRAM AWARD received from Hon. President of India and acknowledgement from SACOSAN summit, SAARC.
The success of these efforts made me realize that this had to be sustained under a bigger organization to help make it a movement. I needed a team to help me work towards bigger goals. Thus initiated the genesis of the Environmental Forum of India, EFOI, an NGO to pursue such efforts.
The world is witnessing repercussions of Global Warming on the Environment.Tsunamis, Changes in Seasonal patterns around the world, temperatures changes that are affecting different flora and fauna around us. It is time we all need to do our bit to help save our Environment. The scales at which changes are required by one and all is humungous and it will require a mindset change, financial contributions and political will. India’s rich traditions and our rural folks which are more in tune with the environment will play a big role in this change required.
I am of the firm opinion that rural transformation can be done through awareness and education alone and hence our emphasis on educating students as they propagate learnings amongst their families.Thus the core reasons behind the Environmental Forum of India has been to spread Awareness and Education about the Environment amongst the different cross sections of society and sustainable development.
EFOI initiated its efforts fromBaramati and now with the experience and expertise of addressing environment issues locally have decided to expand to other areas in India, in collaboration with national and international partners. With various workshops, events and seminars conducted regularly at state and national levels, we aim to spread environmental awareness on a larger scale and also provide a platform for dialogues & discussions between locals and government officials, entrepreneurs, academicians, members of environmental movements and media.
I am hoping that more of you join me in making our earth a better place to live in. In this fight, we are all together; there are no politicians, researchers, scholars, ministers, administrators, etc. It is a fight that we all must unite for. We owe this to our sons and daughters and to our future generations.
Join me in this movement of a greener, cleaner environment and sustainable future

Mrs. Sunetra Pawar
President, Environmental Forum of India