Planes to protect trees, water, wilderness, and wildlife are, in fact, planes to protect man









Consistency and continuity are the keys

The earth is all we have in common and from the last several decades' many things have been degrading our mother earth & its resources. Protecting the environment is the moral duty, rather it’s not only protecting the environment, indirectly it is about protecting ourselves from a major loss.
Keeping this vision in mind, the Environmental Forum of India, an NGO, rooted their efforts in a place called Baramati in Maharashtra State. Since its inception in 2009, the main perspective has been to conserve Mother Nature and serve the community in various ways for the betterment of society.

Mrs. Sunetra Pawar

President, Environmental forum of India

Investing in Growing Energy

Under the visionary leadership of President Hon. Sunetra Pawar, Forum undertook many activities from multiple domains.
The Environmental Forum of India aims to spread environmental awareness on a larger scale and also provide a platform for dialogues and discussions between locals and government officials, entrepreneurs, academicians, members of environmental movements, and the media. Come join us in making the world a better place to live. ​

What have we achieved so far?

The world is experiencing the repercussions of global warming on the environment. The same thing is adversely affecting our country. Not only is the country affected by global warming and changes to the environment, but also our locality has diversified problems like drought, environmental calamities, etc. leading to ecological catastrophe. 
This aftermath is affecting the sustainability of common people living in these areas, their development, and socio-economic growth. The prominent challenge is the lack of environmental awareness among the largely rural community residing in these remote places in India. Identifying the severity of this issue, we founded the “Environmental Forum of India,"  an NGO to save and conserve nature, conserve water, and promote sustainable development. 
The main ethical principle of the forum is to achieve its aim with the active participation of the local rural community. Our team is fully dedicated to this cause, and we have implemented various programs for this noble initiative in remote areas of Maharashtra.

Our Vision

Our environment—nature—is our first home. Our vision is to conserve the environment, reverse the degradation of Mother Earth, and make the earth a better place to live.

Our Mission

We aim to provide environmental awareness through various programs, environmental uplifting through various yearly activities, and community sustainable development.