Many of the Ganesh idols are made up of POP (Plaster of Paris). Since Plaster of Paris is not made of naturally occurring substances and is calcium sulfate hemi hydrate or (CaSO4, ½ H2O). It can take somewhere from several months to years for an idol made of POP to completely dissolve in water. To add to the problem, the idols are often decorated with paints heavy on lead and mercury which once immersed adds to the ongoing process of destroying the flora and fauna of the water body. To abstain this we started Vidhayak Ganesh Utsav. In this event, we encourage the use of eco-friendly Ganesh idols by the means of providing workshops of making eco-friendly Ganesh idols in the schools. More than 20+ schools and 5000+ students are involved in these workshops every year. Also, the forum provides with the small tanks for idol immersion, which after immersion are discarded in a proper ethical way saving from water pollution.