With the view that the student’s interest in science should increase, they should turn to research and new scientist should develop, the charitable organization Environmental Forum of India, Baramati, decided to implement programs related to science. Approximately 1.5 lakh students, Parents, and teachers had visited these exhibitions. The objective behind these programs was to give information to the students through various means and to increase their interest in Science. In this exhibition, different programs were organized such as film show, Discussions with famous Scientists, Practical Knowledge of flying airplanes through Aero-modeling demonstration information about Science through Puppet show, Explaining Science by the magic show, introducing new technology through 3D films, etc. Students got a chance to know about new experiments. The students bought new books from the book exhibition. They also enjoyed the different games and the food festival along with their parents .the student also gained knowledge of new technical marvel as they watched the splendid laser show. The aim of the exhibition was that students should able to get more knowledge in one place and their interest in the subject should also increase. The main objective of the science Exhibition was ‘Conservation of the environment for sustaining society ’. The president of the environmental forum of India, Mrs. Sunetratai Pawar took up the leadership for acquiring the responsibility for hosting the exhibition in Baramati through ‘Vidya Pratishthan’ and ‘Environmental forum of India ’

Number of Projects demonstrated: 500+

Number of State level students visited: 200000+

Number of Dist level students visited: 400000+

Started: 2011 & 2016 Dist. Level, 2012 State level